R-Zero Beam
UV-C Air Disinfection System.
R-Zero was founded in the early days of the global COVID-19 pandemic, bringing autonomous disinfection to hospitals, schools, workplaces, and more. Beam is a device that shines UV-C light across the top of an occupied room to continuously remove harmful microorganisms from the air.
Beam is the world’s first UR-UVGI system to use LEDs rather than traditional mercury bulbs, allowing for higher efficiency and efficacy. Beam disinfects 99% of airborne pathogens every five minutes as natural convective currents draw air through its disinfection zone, without the high costs and energy consumption of HVAC systems.
The unit is constructed from lightweight and sturdy aluminum for easy handling and installation. Components are powder coated for a durable finish and are easily cleaned, and a suite of sensors ensure that room occupants are never directly exposed to UV-C.
R-Zero, via Bould Design
Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development

Fred Bould // Design Direction
Anson Cheung // Design Direction
Francis Lin // Industrial Design

Fresnel lenses focus the 275nm light from the LEDs (four light bars, housing twelve LEDs each) to create a targeted disinfection zone across the top of a room. During operation, the deflector shields UV light from occupants below while sensors trigger a pause in disinfection if a person is at risk of crossing into the UV light's path.

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