R-Zero Vive
Far-UV Air and Surface Disinfection System.
Part of R-Zero’s system of air and surface disinfection devices, Vive uses a human-safe wavelength of UV-C light to safely disinfect spaces, even while people are present. The three-bulb design evenly distributes all around the device, deactivating microorganisms in the air and on surfaces in seconds
It was my role as the Lead Industrial Designer to bring R-Zero's soft and reassuring design language to the triangular bulb configuration while balancing constraints around mounting, maintenance, and component layout.
R-Zero, via Bould Design
Lead Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development , Design Development, Manufacturing Support

Fred Bould // Design Direction
Anson Cheung // Design Direction
Martin Duhayon // Industrial Design
Unlike other UV-C wavelengths, 222 nm light is safe for human skin and eyes (under certain thresholds), making Vive completely safe for use in occupied spaces.

We tested mounting options to ensure we had a solution that would work for a variety of install scenarios, such as drop ceilings and pole mounts.

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