R-Zero Vive
Far-UV Air and Surface Disinfection System.
As part of R-Zero’s revolutionary system of IoT-connected biosafety technologies, Vive is their first device that safely disinfects occupied spaces. Vive uses far-UV light to inactivate harmful microorganisms in the air and on surfaces in seconds, even while people are present.
The patented three-bulb design and nano filter technology deliver powerful yet human-safe UV light that inactivates 99% of pathogens in its range. The innovative triangular configuration evenly distributes disinfecting light all around the device while the soft, understated form puts occupants at ease as their environment is kept safe and healthy.
R-Zero, via Bould Design
Lead Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development , Design Development, Manufacturing Support

Fred Bould // Design Direction
Anson Cheung // Design Direction
Vive’s nano filter technology filters out harmful wavelengths while allowing 222nm far UV-C light through. This 222nm wavelength light disrupts both the genetic material and proteins of microorganisms, but cannot penetrate the top layer of human skin or the tear layer of the eye, making Vive completely safe for use in occupied spaces.

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