Crusher ANC
The most immersive headphones ever made.
An immersive listening experience emotionally engages the listener with their audio. Crusher ANC recreates the visceral experiences of concerts, festivals, and movies by combining adjustable sensory (haptic) bass, active noise cancellation, and personalized sound.
Crusher ANC helps bring to life those authentic experiences and enhances them using technical forms and elevated materials to create a premium feel that better lives up to its unparalleled multi-sensory audio.
During my three-month internship at Skullcandy, I participated in a deep dive centering on the user experience. Most interactions with headphones happen while they are on your head, so it was vital to create a simple, physical, and tactile experience for each control.
We could not rely solely on visual labels to differentiate UI elements, so we added a concave dish to the central play/pause button to help the user locate it between the flanking volume up and volume down buttons. I also worked closely with our engineers and human factors researcher to simplify and clarify the behavior pattern for the LED status indicator.
Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development
Ryan Jung // Design Direction and Lead Design
Kyle Arnett // CMF
Seth Richardson // Visualization
2018 Design, 2019 Release
Crusher ANC was featured as part of the "12 Moods" campaign, with interviews and performances with artists like Denzel Curry and 100 Gecs.

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