Crusher Evo
Feel the bass tuned to you.
Crusher Evo is an over-the-ear headphone that uses sensory bass and personal sound technology to create the ultimate audio customization experience.
The design team was tasked to build two headphones in parallel to focus engineering efforts. Our challenge was to differentiate Crusher Evo from the more tech-focused flagship Crusher ANC while constrained around the same base chassis. We used smoother, simplified forms paired with unapologetic color options to create a playful and energetic aesthetic that matches the feeling of Skullcandy's adjustable bass.
Crusher Evo uses customizable materialization to tailor to Skullcandy's highly individualistic listeners. Details such as the painted ear-cups, fabric headband, and gloss hits on the slider covers and driver plates allow brands, athletes, and artists to use Crusher Evo as a platform for collaborations.
Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development

Ryan Jung // Design Direction
Eran Vautour // Design Development
Kyle Arnett // CMF Design
Megan Kesting // CMF Design
Seth Richardson // Visualization
2018 Design, 2020 Release
Compared with previous models Crusher (2013) and Crusher Wireless (2016), Crusher Evo streamlines the overall form of the headphone while maintaining the customizable aspects that users love.

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