Crusher EVO & ANC
For your ears only.
Skullcandy's Crusher line of over-the-ear headphones combine adjustable sensory (haptic) bass and personalized sound technology to recreate the visceral experiences of concerts, festivals, and movies.
During my three-month internship at Skullcandy, the design team was tasked with building two new headphones simultaneously to streamline engineering efforts. Our challenge was to differentiate Crusher Evo from the more tech-focused flagship Crusher ANC while working within the constraints of the same base chassis.
I was responsible for the form development of Crusher Evo as well as a deep dive centering on the user experience for both headphones. I worked closely with our engineers and human factors researcher to simplify and clarify the behavior of LED status indicator and prototyped various interaction points.
Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development

Ryan Jung // Design Direction
Eran Vautour // Design Development
Kyle Arnett // CMF Design
Megan Kesting // CMF Design
Seth Richardson // Visualization
2018 Design, 2019-2020 Release
Feel the bass tuned to you.
Crusher Evo uses smooth, simplified forms paired with unapologetic color pops and gloss hits to create an energetic look and feel that matches the playful feeling of adjusting the bass.
The most immersive headphones ever made.
Crusher ANC shifts to a more technical aesthetic and uses elevated materials to create a premium feel that lives up to its unparalleled multi-sensory audio and active noise cancellation.
Designing both headphones in tandem around a common chassis allowed us to share research, insights, and initial form development between the two projects.

Most interactions with headphones happen while they are on your head and out of your field of view. It was vital to create a discernible and tactile experience for media controls, volume, bass level, and active noise cancelling. I used a combination of 2D exploration and 3D prints to map out the control points.

Customizable details such as the painted ear-cups and fabric headband allowed for Evo to be used as a platform for collaborations with fashion label Collina Strada, nonprofit To Write Love on Her Arms, Burton snowboards, and Budweiser.

Crusher ANC was featured as part of the "12 Moods" campaign, with interviews and performances with artists like Denzel Curry and 100 Gecs.

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