A countertop device that makes water from air.
Spout is a compact machine that can generate up to 2.5 gallons of water per day. It's more affordable than water delivery, more environmentally friendly than single-use water bottles, and cleaner than filtered tap water in many U.S. cities.The removable pitcher can be kept in a refrigerator to provide easy access to chilled water.
Filtered air is drawn through zeolite clay that absorbs any moisture in the air. The clay passes over a heating element, releasing water vapor which is then condensed, filtered, and remineralized to create an extremely pure tasting water. This process can work in about 80% of the world's households - with production dependent on factors like temperature, humidity, and altitude.
As the lead designer, my role was to bring Spout's futuristic technology into a compact and cost-effective unit that was delightful, convenient, easy to operate. Spout was designed to integrate seamlessly into any kitchen, making fresh and hyper-local water accessible to as many people as possible.
Spout, via Bould Design
Lead Industrial Design
Research, Concept Development, Design Development, Visualization

Fred Bould // Design Direction
Jamie Perin // Design Direction
Can Rong // Industrial Design
2022 Design, 2023 Release
2023 Fast Company Innovation by Design Award
The pitcher sits in an illuminated cavity, creating a mesmerizing effect as the light passes through the water. The lighting serves a dual purpose, showing the device's status and reminding users when it's time to replace the filters.

We worked closely with Spout to develop an architecture that maximized water production while minimizing countertop footprint and operating noise.

A single capacitive button on the front surface cycles between three fan speeds, balancing water production, noise, and energy usage. A sensor automatically turns off the unit when the pitcher is full.
Replaceable air and water filters are accessed by removing the side panel using a pick point located in the rear of the unit.
We 3D printed dozens of prototypes to fine-tune the ergonomics of the pitcher handle and perfect the pouring experience.
The pitcher has an integrated UV light in the lid which prevents any the growth of any mold or bacteria without the use of chemicals. The lid wirelessly charges while inside the unit, and can continuously disinfect the water even when the pitcher is removed.

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