Small Projects
Here's some quick side projects and explorations, often submissions for Render Weekly.
Design 2018 - Present
Media Remote
Streaming media remote with backlit buttons and a capacitive touch pad. Uses a speckled CMF for added grip and visual interest. The remote takes inspiration from MIDI pad controllers, where the color of a button indicates status (e.g. a red microphone means the voice assistant is muted).
Nordgreen Philosopher Watch Visualization
Studio and context shots of a Scandinavian minimalist watch. Rendered, animated, edited, and uploaded in one day as part of the #nordgreendoesdesign challenge on Instagram. Credit to Sam Gwilt for the original CAD files used.
Spatula with flexible silicone overmold around a rigid core. In addition to providing colorway options, the removable head is designed to screw off in the event that it becomes damaged or frayed. Inspired by my own utensil that was slowly deteriorating due to exposure to high heat.
Fisher Bullet Space Pen
Featured in Render Weekly's Week 31 challenge. Pen dimensions and wear modelled after my personal Space Pen.

Other Projects